What do the new partners think about their RADICAL experience?

At the time of concluding the project, it seems interesting to have a feedback from these partners that joined RADICAL on its last year. How did they see their experience under RADICAL project? What did they learn?

Their point of view may indeed differ from those involved into RADICAL from the very beginning and their balance is of course an interesting lesson for the whole of the partners.




Fincons joined RADICAL project in 2015 through the Open Call procedure, by proposing two different projects. The one selected by RADICAL partners was the development of “SOUND MAPP”, a socially-enabled and aware service allowing citizens to better monitor and report environmental noise in the streets and municipalities to have a clear social-sentiment map-based overview on how the noise is affecting the city.

Fincons participated in the Open Call with multiple objectives in mind:

  • Test in a real case the application of IoT technologies and the integration of Social Networks to the Public Administration sector
  • Evaluate the capabilities of the RADICAL platform and the possibility to use it as the base for developing smart city services
  • Develop and test a fully functional service, with the aim to integrate it into PerformPA (Fincons’ product for Public Administrations) at a later time
  • Evaluate the service respect to usability and users’ engagement, before integrating it into the product

At the end of the six-month period of the project delivery, the result is a working service, with specialized GUIs for citizens and for municipalities, supporting all the functionalities planned in the initial proposal. The service has been used to successfully evaluate the RADICAL platform as a base platform, enabling and facilitating the creation of smart city services. The service itself has been evaluated under different perspectives: a selected group of users in Bari and Milan area tested and validated the mobile app, while the Municipality of Genoa collaborated for the municipality cockpit evaluation. The validation has provided an overall positive feedback, in particular on usability, but also highlighted specific attention points, which will be the base for improving the service.

Fincons considers the participation in the RADICAL project a very positive experience, with concrete results that can help in the future in generating additional business and revenues. The collaboration with the consortium partners was really good, with prompt responses and support whenever we needed it.

Fincons has already illustrated the service in a dedicated meeting with the municipality of Bari, which has provided a positive feedback and an interest in it. A follow-up meeting will be scheduled once the service will be fully integrated with PerformPA and available to municipalities.

scify logoSciFY

RADICAL provides smart city services and offers the opportunity to make cities smarter, regardless of the diversity of urban environment, legal system or infrastructures that EU cities may have. Most importantly, it offers useful technological tools that can be used directly by the local authorities, the government and the citizens themselves to solve actual problems. And this is one of the main objectives of SciFY NPO.

In SciFY we share technology, create solutions and offer them to all, as free products; we also share the code under as open source licences. Participating in the RADICAL allowed us to develop City-R-US, that allows citizens to make their city better and municipalities create infrastructures that actually serve the proper functioning of cities.

City-R-US is an innovative solution that connects a municipality with its citizens and motivates them to get involved in city issues through an easy to use mobile application.

City-R-US has been initially developed and tested for the municipality of Athens, which invites its citizens to contribute to missions of common interest that can improve life in the city. The citizens’ contributions are publicly displayed on a public interactive map for all to use. The municipality can analyze the public data, to intervene where required, and to redesign its services. Furthermore, citizens can suggest new missions, report problems and even get awarded for their involvement.

From our involvement in the development of this project we gained valuable experiences. We found the financial resources, the platform, the partnerships and tools to bring a new project to life. We increased our network of partners both in Greece and abroad. We conducted research to create a better MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and go even beyond this stage.

We presented our tools to a national audience at the 4th Smart Cities Conference. We expanded our product line, by adding an intelligent tool with multiple uses for different target groups and created a new potential source of income. We worked once more with new technologies to bring results for all.

We strengthened our position in the IoT domain. We cooperated in a consortium with 16 partners to achieving a common goal: to make the smart cities, smarter. We gained significant know-how and experience in managing other equivalent projects. In a nutshell, the experience gained was invaluable for us, and the results will continue way beyond the timespan of this project.