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Cycling Safety


Cycling Safety ImprovementCycling application tool, providing a safe cycling route for the citizens. Converting and integrating data, tools and Living Lab methods into traffic planning, transportation strategy and efforts to obtain a greener and more cycle friendly environment.

This service is now deployed and tested in two Cities:

Aarhus (Denmark) where the local cyclists are provided with some chips to fix to their bikes’ wheels that will let them find thanks to the RFID technology. In fact, this chips have a sensor function giving an impulse, through a junction box, to a particular City light located next to a really busy intersection letting them always find green lights.

Athens (Greece) where Cycling Safety is promoted through a mobile application for iOS and Android devices. The application can be used to track user’s location and record the user’s journey..


 Carbon Footprint Management

Carbon Footprint calculation application, providing vehicles environmental performance data for citizens through media including a service to upload farmers available produce, sell products and organize environmentally-friendly purchases and a more logical organization of transport and connections between city and countryside reducing the carbon footprint.

A region and a city are now deploying and testing this service:

Cantabria (Spain), the carbon footprint of each passenger and trip made in the public buses will be calculated and presented to the users compared to the carbon footprint resulting from other modes of transport (private vehicle) also sensors will be placed in the city buses so the users can get measures of the air quality to be sent during the trips.

Genoa (Italy), through the platform a service of organization for the transport of goods from the countryside to the city will be developed and a sales point will be created. Also, the service will allow the organization of trips and visits connected to the agricultural excellence of the territory.


Object-driven Data Journalism

Data Journalism

Social Media content sharing tool, providing a data journalism service. This application is for encouraging and facilitating exchanges of information and dialogues between the citizens and the city.

This service is now deployed and tested in Issy-Les-Moulineaux (France), to develop an innovative and intuitive application allowing citizens to report and share information directly on their device. The citizens will be able to report any problems in real time.


Augmented Reality

Augmented RealityAn application providing cultural and touristic real time augmented reality information allowing tourists and citizens to receive information in a faster and easier way by providing them with simple tools.

This service is now deployed and tested in three Cities and a Region:

Issy-Les-Moulineaux (France), to inform the city’s inhabitants of the History of the Fort by creating a historical visitor-constructed trail that offers enriched content and information at several points of interest using various modern tools like 3D, QR Codes, Augmented Reality and even a robot.

Cantabria (Spain), through an Augmented Reality application, the citizen/visitor will be able to access enriched information either in Spanish or English in relation to the selected point of interest or in relation with the town.

Santander (Spain), a free application called SmartSantanderRA with integrated Augmented Reality services providing live and updated information to citizens and visitors, reinforcing Santander as a Smart City where social innovation takes place.

Athens (Greece), the Augmented Reality application has been implemented for iOS and Android devices and mainly provides cultural and historical information for buildings and places in Athens.

Participatory Urbanism Service


Participatory Urbanism

A Mobile/Web reporting tool providing better city services to the citizens by allowing them to notify and report events occurring in the city by using a special tool offering better and faster city services.

-Santander (Spain) has chosen this application, to provide a better service to the citizens and improve end users satisfaction when reporting, dealing and solving an incident. Also, this app will improve the “ElPulsoDeLaCiudad” app by adding social network components.

Athens  (Greece) chose to use the smartphone application City-R-Us. Thanks to this service, a municipality creates “missions” about sharing something beautiful (like beautiful routes, little secrets etc.) that citizens can undertake by recording a route or spot, with their name or even anonymously.

Genoa (Italy) decided to install Soundmapp application. This service aims at fostering citizens to monitor and report environmental noise in the streets and to sharing data and personal thought on social networks, thus enhancing public awareness and global consciousness on the problem.


Modeling propagation of eco-consciousness  


Modeling propagation of Eco-consciousnessSmartphone and web applications providing eco-consciousness awareness services to citizens. This application will teach citizens about the correct ways to have bulky waste collected, improving the citizens’ quality of life of environmentally.

This service is now deployed and tested in two Cities:

Aarhus (Denmark), to inform the citizens of the correct way to have bulky waste collected and to help the citizens understand the bulky waste agreement.

Genoa (Italy), the service will include a set of solutions for sharing and adopting eco-friendly actions using simple tools and social networks. It will also monitor citizens’ eco-conscious habits in view of improving citizens’ quality of life environmentally.

More details on City Services can be found here.

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