Replicability and Sustainability

The Sustainability and Replicability Analysis Services (SRA) builds on the TELOS Methodology adapted for the RADICAL project, which uses the five pillars (Technological, Economical, Legal, Organizational and Social) in order to calculate the replicability and viability potential of a service if replicated to another smart city.



For the sustainability potential a mixture of TELOS (viability is the long term sustainability) and the three pillars of Sustainability is used (Environment, Economic, Social). Sustainability and Replicability analysis Services allow the generation of questionnaires targeted to services offered by smart cities through an administration interface. For example in order to reuse the Cycling Service from Aarhus in another city such as Barcelona, the user fills in the questionnaire and the application provides the results in pie charts demonstrating the replicability, viability and sustainability potential of the given service in Barcelona.




The service is accessible from the following link:

The user manual can be accessed from here:

Download Sustainability and Replicability User Manual

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