RADICAL Platform

The RADICAL platform aims to ease the fast creation of interoperable and socially‐aware services, by combining the results of three existing platforms, namely SocIoS, SmartSantander and BonFIRE. Internet of Things and Social Networking technologies are combined to build a new and more refined solution, adapted to the challenges derived from the intelligent services development and provision within the smart cities paradigm.




The RADICAL platform allows Internet of things (IoT) devices or other cities applications data to be fed into the platform as well as to gather, in real time, data generated on social networks; on the other hand, the platform is open enough to allow service integrators to configure and deploy it in the various cities through the BonFIRE infrastructure via a dedicated virtual machine, supporting the development of the services that are piloted in the project. In order to produce these services, the RADICAL platform facilitates the access from a single API to different sources of information (social networks, IoT infrastructures, city application), performing data analysis and combining data by using the appropriate platform tools.

RADICAL final architecture - with new services

Configuration tools allow service integrators to tailor the RADICAL platform and services specifically for each site, providing support to local SMEs when creating rules for data aggregation, defining metrics to represent data aggregation parameters and configuration details associated to the deployment of each platform within the different environments.


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