Smart Cities’  Toolkit

Within the service that RADICAL provides, the Smart Cities’  Toolkit will be useful for city service administrators, interested in creating user/devices groups and monitoring their posts or updating the configuration of the RADICAL Platform.


This tool provided by RADICAL has three basic funtionalities:

• The Authenticate/Consent Form functionality, redirecting Social Networking users to the appropriate Facebook or Twitter consent panels, configuring and saving the respective user access tokens upon consent. It also includes the authentication of IoT devices (meaning the registration and availability of those devices for the GT groups).

 • The Social Filtering App, enabling the tool end user to define and monitor groups of SN users, having provided their consent in the first case, and/or mobile devices having been registered.

 • The Configuration functionality, providing the ability to retrieve the platform configuration through the RADICAL Configuration API, or add and update the values of specific parameters.

RADICAL offers also the Smart Cities Dashboard that can display aggregated activity or services usage information.


The Smart Cities Dashboard is a web application that is embedded in the Application Development Toolkit, calculating historic information and statistics from RADICAL-registered devices, such as smartphones sending users geo-location and activity, weather stations with climate measurements or even bicycles, etc. By the use of this Dashboard, city officials can compare aggregated results from different cities for the same RADICAL city service (e.g. Cycling Safety service) during a specific time frame.

Diagrams and charts with all devices’ measurements as well as devices registrations are provided for each service per day for each city that this service running.

A detailed user manual for the Smart Cities’ Toolkit can be found here:

Download RADICAL Governance Toolkit User Manual

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