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The RADICAL platform will be used to develop and deploy services in the following areas:



The services will vary according to the type of service and its characteristics, especially since the various services are targeting different target groups. Each of the services is associated with different usage, deployment and operational models.

The cities involved in the RADICAL project chose to develop at least two services among those presented above:


Aarhus (Denmark)


Cykelservice(Cycling Safety improvement application)


The local cyclists are provided with a chip to place on their bikes’ wheels, which will ensure green lights in particular junctions thanks to the RFID technology. 

In fact, the chip has a sensor function giving an impulse, through a junction box, to a particular City light located next to a really busy intersection letting them always find green lights.

The participants in this pilot projects can go to  and check out when they have had a green light through the junction.


“Smart Bin” (Modelling propagation of eco‐ consciousness)


How to inform Citizens of the impact of their behaviour on Environment? Aarhus decided to inform the citizens of the correct way to have bulky waste collected and to help the citizens understand the bulky waste agreement.

This happens through the website, where citizens can read data on the bulky waste in their particular area


Athens (Greece)


“Cyclesafe” (Cycling Safety improvement application)


athens 2This is a service idea which includes recording the participant cyclists routes in order for the Municipality of Athens to be able to retrieve and analyse statistical information, to draw a behavioural analysis and proceed with decisions related to preparation and introduction of cycling safety infrastructure for the city of Athens, and to collect reports on incidents related to cycling safety as for instance road conditions on the one hand, and in order for the cyclists to be able to proceed with route planning and conclude with their transportation decisions based upon traffic and weather data provided, on the other hand.

 The application has been developed both for Android and iOS smartphones, and was tested in real-time conditions for the first time on May 2015.

 The application has been launched in the relevant markets, to download the Android version please click here.


A tour of the Municipal buildings of historical importance (Augmented Reality application)


The service idea is based on providing building information on a map along with photos and other visual material so that citizens and visitors can take a virtual walk in historic buildings of the Municipality of Athens.

The application has been developed both for Android and iOS smartphones, and was tested in real-time conditions for the first time on May 2015.

The application has been launched in the relevant markets, to download the Android version please click here.



logo City R us“City-R-Us”

The service allows a municipality to create “missions”, so that citizens and city visitors can upload points of interest and routes of interest using a smartphone appication and share them on a public map.

SciFY (Science For You) has crearted a smartphone applicationcalled City-R-Us, a public map and a city dashboard, to enable citizens to share their experiences in the city, and to point out beautiful spots. How does it work?

A municipality creates “missions” about sharing something beautiful (like beautiful routes, little secrets etc.) that citizens can undertake by recording a route or spot, with their name or even anonymously. All this data is collected and shared on a map accessible by everyone from their computer or smartphone.

SciFY, in cooperation with the Municipality of Athens, has created 3 “route” and 1 “point” missions to show the potential. Let’s have a more detailed look at the first missions:

  • Coffee shops/Bars accessible by people in a wheelchair: Where can citizens who use a wheelchair enjoy their coffee or drink? Citizens can share coffee shops and bars which are accessible for people with physical disabilties helping them enjoy beautiful places like these.
  • Routes accessible by people in a wheelchair: Where can citizens with physical disabilities go for stroll? Athens has many beautiful places to go for a walk; which of these places are easily accessible by people with physical disabilities? Citizens can share these spots and make it easier for people in a wheelchair to move around Athens.
  • Beautiful routes to go for a walk: Where do you like to walk? Citizens can share or find beautiful walking routes around Athens.
  • Beautiful routes to go for a run: Where do you like to run, at parks, hills, pedestrian streets etc? Citizens can share or find beautiful running routes around Athens.



Region of Cantabria (Spain)


 “Augmented Reality in Santillana del Mar” (Augmented Reality application)

AR_app2 (2)Santillana del Mar has been chosen as a perfect regional pilot site in order to deploy the Augmented Reality “magic”, aiming to stimulate tourism, retail trade and services for citizens. That´s what has been done, an Augmented Reality app.

The main attractions in the village can be summarized in the Colegiata, which is a big, ancient church, the Main Square, surrounded by different representative buildings, and also the Altamira Caves, declared World Heritage, but you can find treasures in any of the cobble stoned streets of the village, like in the medieval times. Also, around 300 shops, hotels, restaurants and business have been added to the app in order to enrich the content for the end users. Moreover, Santillana has free WIFI hot spots in different key points of the village so citizens can easily download the service.

At this moment we count on an excellent work already done, based in the research and collection of information, that results into a huge database with very valuable content. This is the core of the implemented app within the RADICAL framework. The look and feel of the service is adapted to the context (medieval appeal) and it´s functionalities and operational facts have been built up in cooperation with the living lab.

For downloading the application, click here.


“Transporte de Cantabria per Capita Footprint” (Product Carbon Footprint Management)

Transporte de CantabriaOur purpose is to raise environmental awareness regarding to pollution and to promote the use of public transport. The goal is to show passengers their own carbon footprint, what we call “per capita carbon footprint”.

In other words, our product is the passenger, and we are going to inform him/her of the pollution he/she is preventing by using public transport. The action has started choosing the most interesting itineraries among the main regional bus lines in the Besaya area, from an environmental point of view, to perform the per capita carbon footprint.

Thereafter, we have needed different inputs: the distance covered by the lines and the vehicle´s data: age of the bus, model, Km, etc. With this data, using Copert, we are able to calculate the carbon footprint of each route every day.

So we have matched the number of users of each route, its daily occupancy, with the carbon footprint. It is not a real time per capita carbon footprint because it is based in statistical data from the historical occupancy, but it gives them an idea of how they are becoming partners of the environmental consciousness. We believe there could be a change in their behavior led by information.


Genoa (Italy)


“CO2 Reduction” (Products carbon footprint management)

genoaCarbon Footprint Management is a web application with the aim to exploit local sensors and platform capabilities in order to reduce traffic level by providing useful information about weather, traffic and pollutants.

Optimizing routing is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to save money of families, make our businesses more competitive and reduce gas pollution.

The municipality of Genoa has developed several initiatives to further drive energy efficiency. The basic mission is to preserve and improve the air quality by reducing traffic level. With this application, it will be also possible to examine air pollution trends of each of the main principal pollutants in our country and to obtain ambient monitoring information.

“Eco-Consciousness Portal” (Modelling propagation of eco‐ consciousness)


This service is a web portal built using the Drupal ( Content Management System to spread info and news about eco consciousness.

This service is intended to encourage the spread of eco-consciousness in the city providing useful information such as articles, info, points of interest and and  sharing news.

More information on the application can be found clicking here.


The service aims at fostering citizens to monitor and report environmental noise in the streets and to sharing data and personal thought on social networks, thus enhancing public awareness and global consciousness on the problem.
Through the SOUND MAPP mobile application, citizens are able to monitor the level of urban noise, while going around the city, by using smartphone’s integrated microphone for measuring the incoming sound in decibel. After having collected the measurements, users are invited to share them on social networks together with a personal comment. Finally, the application enables also users to see these measurements on a city map.

On the other hand, the service allows municipalities to have a clear overview on how the noise is affecting the city, providing both a map-based and a graph-based representation of the measurement, and what are his impacts on social-sentiment, through another map showing citizens’ comments and their sentiment (positive, neutral, negative). This data will help municipalities in programming more detailed analysis of the problem and identifying proper solutions on specific areas that are most affected by the problem.

The application will soon be available for downloading.


Issy-les-Moulineaux (France)


“Discover History of the Fort of Issy” (Augmented Reality application)


 This application shows through time, starting from 1840, the history of the Fort d’Issy that is today the first eco-quartier in France.

It helps the user to discover the Fort d’Issy historical site through different Points of Interest.

For each of those, various media contents displayed (videos, texts, sounds or 3D models). The application, available in Windows 8, uses Augmented Reality to help the user to navigate through the site or visualize in a 3D model.

This application can either be used on site or remotely and it can downloaded clicking here.


“TellMyCity” (Object-driven data journalism application)


This application, available on the Appstore, Google play and Windows store, TellMyCity is free and can be downloaded by anyone, citizen or city agents. TellMyCity allows anyone to report an information to his city in a few clicks.

This service, developed by the company Spallian, helps citizens to communicate with the City, some examples might be: indicating a City event, ask for a technical intervention, suggest an improvement to City Management or giving their opinion to any matter that might be related to the City and/or its management.

More information on the application can be found clicking here.


Santander (Spain)


“SmartSantanderRA” (Augmented Reality application)

2012-08-02 14.28.57The service is related to an application called SmartSantanderRA that is already available to be downloaded by the end users. It offers an interactive experience through its “stroll in the city” mode where visitors receiving information about specific Points of Interest taking into account their preferences as they stroll around the city.

During the last iteration of the living lab, Santander City Council and the University of Cantabria have focused their efforts to validate the services that are being piloted in the city. To this end, the new version of the AR application has been made public in the Apple Store and Google play markets. More than 3000 people have downloaded this new version.

The most challenging activity has been to retrieve the information about accommodation and dining POIs. On the one hand, the methodology established by “ComercioSantander” has served as a guide for the team belonging to the Tourism office in order to establish the mechanisms that permit them to contact the owners of the local business and retrieve the information that is needed for the application. On the other hand, the outcome of the work carried out by the Office that is working in the Tourism Strategic Plan has permitted us to identify new functionalities to be implemented in the application. More intelligence searches have been defined and will be in the near future for a better user experience.

More information on the application can be found clicking here.


“Smart Santander Participatory Urbanism” (Participatory Urbanism application)

santaThis is a service of the City aiming at exploiting the use of citizens’ smartphones to promote a collaborative environment in which end users become active sending information to the Municipality through the platform. The participatory urbanism service has been improved in the last iteration; implementing new functionalities and also it is available on some public kiosks that have been installed in different municipality buildings. 

Follow up activities have been carried out with the waste management company to validate the integration of the application that they have developed with the Participatory urbanism service. Special attention has been paid to the information that is included within the incidences and the events that can be reported that have been aligned to the needs of the municipality. The work with the citizens associations has opened new path of collaboration that will be explored in the next iterations, in order to involve them when both reporting and dealing with the resolutions of the incidences in their neighbourhoods.

 More information on the application can be found clicking here or here.


The scenarios and services which will be piloted in the RADICAL project framework are detailed in the deliverable D2.2 “Description of Pilot Scenarios and Relevant KPIs”.

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