Application development Toolkit

The RADICAL Application Development toolkit is a tool that allows service developers and integrators to use RADICAL APIs (Data and Configuration API), to retrieve and to combine information from Social Networks as well as from city services IoT data.



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This toolkit enables to parameterize, combine and customize social networking and sensor feeds, as well as analyze them with RADICAL platform data analytics, to form RADICAL workflow applications.

Such applications are created through the integration of distinct API services, as well as the combination of different city platform instances. Thus, the resulting service workflows can also perform cross-city data correlation, if the corresponding pilot cities provide their data as public.

App development toolkit

RADICAL Application Developement Toolkit Screenshot


The Application Development Toolkit was built as an extension of the WebHookIt project (, a visual programming paradigm to create simple web services, mashups, web application integrations and provide composability between web services.

A detailed user manual for the Application Development Toolkit can be found here:

Download RADICAL Application Development Toolkit User Manual

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