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RADICAL  aims to  open  new  horizons  in  the  development,  deployment  and  operation of interoperable social networking and IoT services in smart cities, notably services that could be flexibly and  successfully  customized and replicated across multiple  cities.  The main  goal  of the project is  to  provide the means for cities and SMEs to rapidly develop, deploy, replicate, pilot and evaluate a diverse set of sustainable ICT services that leverage established Internet‐of‐things and social networking infrastructures. To this end, the project offers various services for Cities, SMEs, Developers and Citizens.


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You can find more detail on the various services at the following links:

RADICAL Platform
City Services
Developers’ Tools
Smart Cities’ Tools

Additionally, if you are interested to our services deployed in the various Cities of the consortium, you can visit this page that will allow you to answer a Survey and see whether your City is adapted to these services: Replicaility and Sustainability

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