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TAGES as one of the leaders in EU R&D and Innovation projects in Turkey, prepares, coordinates and manages R&D and Innovation projects and consults industry and SMEs since 2002. TAGES also provides mentoring and coaching services to the SMEs and young entrepreneurs. TAGES with its experts having 25 years of experience and an extensive knowledge on ICT industry and experience on technology project management with its wide industrial network in Turkey and in EU facilitates different industries on innovation development and management by collaborating with ICT and industry associations, universities and developer communities.

TAGES competencies are mainly on innovation management, R&D project development and management, ICT development, pilot implementations, dissemination and exploitation. The main vertical domains in which TAGES has expertise are; e-Business, Enterprise Interoperability, Open Data, Big Data, Smart City Apps.

TAGES has success stories in EU Projects like; FP6 EASIER-Engaging regional SMEs within the ICT sector in EU research Project where brought together around 400 European ICT researchers and SMEs in a big ICT event and supporter 90 SMEs in participation to 50 FP7 projects and prepared and submitted project final management report successfully. FP6 FIRE- Facilitating Innovation in Renewable Energies Project for supporting SMEs. TAGES consulted MIB (Machine Manufacturers Association of Turkey) in FP6 VERITAS-Virtual Enterprises for Integrated Industrial Solutions Project by establishing 2 cooperative networks in machinery industry and managing them. FP7 ROK Project AGFORISE-AGroFOod Clusters Platform with Common Long-Term Research and Innovation Strategy towards Economic Growth and Prosperity Project where has a role as a partner in financial and activity management, dissemination and exploitation. FP7 COIN -Collaboration & COllaboration and INteroperability for networked enterprises Project where consulted LODER (Logistics Association of Turkey) to prepare and coordinate the pilot implementations. Collaborated with TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) in FP7 Linked2Media Project and carried out administrative and financial management of the project. One of the successfully completed smart city projects of TAGES is CIP ICT PSP CitySDK- Smart City Service Development Kit Project where organized 2 hackathons (Hackathonist) where the developer community in Istanbul met and developed innovative apps with Istanbul open transport data.

TAGES also successfully managed and coordinated national projects such as ICT Valley Feasibility Project funded by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Istanbul Information Society Watchdog Group Project funded by Istanbul Development Agency and European Digital Agenda Going Local for Turkey Project by Digital Turkey Platform, TAGES is still advising and consulting Digital Turkey Platform on European Digital Agenda.

TAGES is a member of FINES Cluster, NESSI and NEM European Technology Platforms. TAGES is also registered as a DSI (Digital Social Innovation) Institution. TAGES’s application to become Turkey Chapter of OKFN is under process.

Main role in the project:

In the scope of RADICAL, TAGES has a role to perform the analysis of stakeholders’ requirements and requirements for Pilot operations, user evaluation tasks and planning of sustainability and replicability of the services.

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