SciFY (Science for You) is a Greek technological nonprofit company, established in 2012 that shares cutting edge technology to solve real life problems by offering free applications ready for use. It also shares all the related knowledge for every project that it is been developed, by offering the source code under open source licences, by sharing designs, manuals and know-how, so that everyone can use it to create new solutions, customize them to specific needs, improve them etc. By supporting openness and community building, SciFY managed to make all the projects and the solutions it develops sustainable.

SciFy use its expertise in artificial intelligence and other technologies, and a strong network of collaborators (universities, research institutes, NGOs and companies) to collaboratively produce new solutions. For every project, SciFY collaborates with the experts of each field in order to bring state-of-the-art scientific results to everyday life solutions, and create a community that will ascertain the sustainability of the project.

After almost 3 years, SciFY has reached personnel of 10, a volunteer base of more than 50 people, and some awards, including one from the President of the Hellenic Republic.

SciFY’s projects are categorized into four main impact areas:

  • Assistive Technologies for people with disabilities that include games for blind children, solutions for people with motor disabilities.
  • e-Democracy: SciFY develops two projects that are funded by the European Programme “We are all citizens”. DemocracIT, a smart tool for citizen participation and consultation data analysis for the enrichment of public consultations of legislation proposals and Platform of Political Innovation a Participation Platform to train citizens on communication and cooperation.
  • Organizational Intelligence: We use state of the art Artificial Inteligence to help organizations get smarter. Flagship projects include NewSum, that automatically summarizes news from various sources and works in many languages and PServer, a service for automatic content personalization for sites and applications based on interests and user behaviour. For both of these projects, SciFY collaborated with the biggest research centre in Greece (NCSR Demokritos).
  • Supporting Civil Society: SciFY develops tools for NGOs, Foundations and Civil groups in order to increase their impact. The key project is VoluntEasy, a volunteer management platform to enable everyone to use their volunteers more effectively.

Main role in the project:

Within Radical, SciFY brings an innovative way to connect a Municipality with its citizens and motivate citizens to get involved in city issues through an easy to use application: City’R’US. With City’R’US, a City council asks its citizens to contribute to missions of common interest that can improve life in the city (points accessible by people with disabilities, something nice to see or do, points of interest, nice walks or bike rides…). The citizens’ contributions are publicly displayed on a public map for all to use. What is more, citizens can suggest new missions, report troubles and even get awarded for the involvement.
SciFY will also offer the source code under open source licences and build communities around key missions to strengthen uptake and the project’s sustainability.

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