RFID‐specialisten – improve RFID projects has:

  • Implemented more than 20 RFID industrial applications.
  • A Certificate in Scirocco.
  • Personnel educated in CAEN systems.
  • Certifications as a system integrator for Scemtec RFID program.
  • Its own software development for RFID software and Middleware.

RFID‐specialisten have the knowledge in RFID both for the strategy and for the operational level . We do both the vertical from project planning to the implementation and operational support.  We have focused on RFID in the production process and for leisure applications. Among RFID‐SPEC characteristics is the exploitation of its technical knowledge towards building a good business cases for the customer.  RFID‐ specialisten has implemented more than 20 RFID project in Denmark and Norway.  The solutions developed, integrated and deployed by RFID‐SPC include:

  • Tool management: RFID system for management of tools, then to maintain, year check, where to find and when to replace.
  • Cool chain management: management and documentation of the cool chain for medicine.
  • Rental system for Laundry: management of rental and rental customer profiles.
  • Security system: system for secure the security of the employees, by automatic stop of machinery if any  danger
  • Production management: detail production planning for customized orders.
  • Traffic system: use of active tags to recognize bicycles for all cars
  • Access control and activity control for modern science center for children and youngsters.
  • RFID tickets for Tourist Relation Management (as part of the RFID‐ROI‐SME project).

Main role in the project:

RFID‐SPEC will act as a services integrator in the RADICAL project. In particular, it will be in charge for the  integration of services in the city of Arhus (AAR).

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