Convinced  since  2001  that  uses  and  information  technologies  convergence  is  an  amazing  an  unavoidable  leverage for its customers, Niji supports them in the definition and the implementation of their strategy by  combining in a single value chain consulting and software engineering. To help you to take up the new challenges of digital convergence, Niji supports your digital approach throughout your projects, from the definition of your  strategy to the execution of your solutions around three areas of expertise:

  • Digital Strategy consulting, to understand the full extent of your Digital challenges and opportunities and align your strategic approach and execution accordingly.
  • Technology consulting, to assist your organization in selecting the right technologies and architectures to address your business goals.
  • Software Engineering to deliver turnkey software solutions that meet and exceed your expectations

Niji supports its clients around 3 main digital challenges:

  • Enhancement and diversification of products & services portfolio to meet new digital user expectations  and technology
  • Adaptation  of  customer  journey  while  unifying  the  user  experience  through  digital  multichannel  interaction, to guarantee a uniform digitalization of your brand and a unified user experience.
  • Leverage new digital paradigms to re‐engineer enterprise processes

As a pathfinder in digital convergence, Niji tackles two main markets targets whose experience enrich each other  among the community of customers, partners and collaborators that they federate.

  • Media and Telecommunication, information services and communication providers and digital content actors, for whom digital is core business
  • Enterprises (banks, insurances, power transportation, distribution, leisure …) and public sector, where digital solutions have strategic impact on core business or mission

Main role in the project:

Niji is one of the SMEs of the consortium, which will exploit the RADICAL platform and the RADICAL approach in order to develop, integrate and deploy added‐value smart city services for Issy‐les‐Moulineaux. Niji will intervene in the project RADICAL throughout its digital agency Dsquare by supporting Issy Media in the realization of its project “Fort d’Issy”.

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