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In addition to “RADICAL”, FINCONS is active in several other R&D projects such as: FP7 FI-SPACE (on Logistics) and FI-CONTENT2 (on Social Connected TV), Horizon 2020 “PSYMBIOSIS” and “BEinCPPS” (on Manufacturing), “MPAT” and “ABC-DJ” (creative industry) and of the Italian Regional and National Research “Health@Home” (on Smart Communities for citizens’ wellness) and “Energy Router” (Smart Energy).

Main role in the project:

According to recent reports, exposure to noise levels in urban areas and resulting environmental health problems, is a particularly widespread problem. For the one in four Europeans exposed to noise levels above the EU’s threshold for assessment and action, there are both direct and indirect health effects.

Road traffic is the main source of noise in Europe, the report says, and annoys almost 20 million Europeans and disturbs the sleep of an estimated eight million. Larger cities, housing more than 250.000 people, are noisier and generally have a larger share of the population exposed to levels above the legal guidelines.

With the main objective to enhance social awareness about urban noise and to foster discussion on the problem, as well as to collect data useful at a decision support level, the SOUND MAPP application that will be developed by FINCONS will integrate the measurements of urban noise levels through usage of smartphones’ microphones in an IoT approach, with the social dimension, enabling sharing of data and user thinking and concern. In a smart city perspective, the collected noise measurements, as well as the derived social sentiment about the problem, will be made available to municipalities in order to support decisions and actions aimed at mitigating the problem. This will be achieved thanks to the integration of the functionalities provided by the RADICAL platform on which the service will rely.

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