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ELGI is an Italian SME that was born in 2001 which operates on European Research and Information Technology field.

ELGI, despite of its dimension, is a company characterized by its investments in the research and development of innovating methodologies and technologies, which can offer competitive products and services to the market.  The  area  of  expertise  is  system  integration  and  innovation  development,  further  to  dissemination  and  exploitation. ELGI has been developing specialized skills permitting to offer a technological support to different kind of pilots and experimentations.
ELGI is particularly active in the thematic fields addressed by the Union for the Mediterranean, such as smart  cities and regions, intelligent transport, alternative and renewable source of energies, applied ICT, economic  cooperation and SME, cultural cooperation, tourism, training and scientific research.

Further to system integration and pilots support, ELGI’s activities concern the conception of dissemination and exploitation strategies as well as their deployment.  ELGI  organizes  and  effectively  delivers  events  (such  as  workshops, conferences, information days), focus groups, questionnaire, interviews, opinion polls, awareness  campaigns, as well as information actions, training activities, recommendations and research relevant for its  objectives.

Main role in the project:

In the scope of RADICAL, ELGI will be in charge of the integration of pilot services/scenarios at the city of Genoa.  It will therefore participate actively in WP5 (towards preparing the pilot), WP6 (towards validating the services according to the living labs approach) and WP7 (dealing with the validation of the services).

Workshop at Geona

The Genoa Living Lab workshops

The main aim of these Living Lab Workshops held in […]

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