Cantabria Regional Government strongly supports innovative projects like RADICAL as a way of boosting the economic  wealth  and  social  benefits  for  its  citizens.  Cooperation  with  other  entities  belonging  to  different  regions  and  countries  is  considered  as  the  perfect  opportunity  for  exchanging  and  widening  knowledge  to  promote growth in the region. CTL Cantabria has been appointed by the Regional Government as the most suitable stakeholder to actively act as representative the Regional Administration in the project.

CTL  Cantabria  is  a  non‐profit  public  foundation,  on  behalf  of  the  General  Directorate  for  Transport  and  Telecommunications, under the Regional Ministry for Industry, being its managing board 100% composed by  members  of  the  Government.  CTL  was  created  in  2005,  designed  as  an  instrumental  tool  of  the  regional  Government  for  the  development  of  technical  projects  and  studies  on  IT  and  transport,  as  well  as  for  the  participation in international projects and activities promoting knowledge, research and innovation. CTL provides  the Regional Government of Cantabria with technical assistance and support for key issues related to research,  innovation, knowledge transfer and services improvement in the areas of IT and transport, aimed at boosting  economic and social growth in Cantabria.

Some  examples  of  the  activities  that  CTL  has  carried  out  for  the  Government  in  the  IT  area  could  be  the  implantation of the Digital TV in Cantabria as well as some tasks for the promotion of the Information Society,  such as the deployment and management of the Telecentres Network (rural internet connection points) in the  region. Furthermore, CTL has also participated in some innovation projects, as the Smart Card Ticketing System  for Transport in the region. Besides, CTL supports the Government carrying out different studies necessary for  the design and implementation of smart regional policies.

Main role in the project:

CTL will participate in the implementation of the pilot in some areas of Cantabria. Two regional scenarios have  been chosen to be used as testbeds for the RADICAL platform. Together with this, the Regional Government will  support the project from the Administrative side, collaborating in the dissemination of results as well as the  development of policies derived from these results.

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