Aarhus University in Denmark, a global top 100 university, has 40.000 students and 11.000 staff. The group  involved  in  RADICAL  comprises  distinguished  researchers  from  the  Center  for  Digital  Urban  Living  <www.digitalurbanliving.dk>  and  CAVI  Center  for  Advanced  Visualization  and  Interaction  <www.cavi.dk>  at  Aarhus  University.  Members will contribute  expertise  regarding  urban  informatics,  sensor‐based  interaction,  mobile interfaces, media architecture and urban culture.

The group shows a very strong publication record and background in dissemination activities.  Members have a successful history of interdisciplinary research and collaboration with industry, and of work both in relation to other academic disciplines and in relation to industry.

Participatory development, experimental user interfaces and interaction models within an urban context, with strong involvement of public and industry stakeholders, has been a hallmark of Aarhus University for decades.

Main role in the project:

Within RADICAL, Aarhus University will play a key role in adapting and integrating the use cases to the specific context in Aarhus. A main barrier to deployment of smart city technologies is making them fit in a specific site, technically and culturally. The university will facilitate and support the process of deployment, adaptation and assessment. AU will also participate in the specification of the pilot scenarios of RADICAL and their asssessment from a usability perspective.

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