The RADICAL project will open new horizons in the development and deployment of interoperable social networking and IoT services in Smart Cities, creating a novel ICT platform which gathers services that could be flexibly and successfully customized and replicated across multiple cities.


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The  RADICAL  services belong to the areas of Cycling  Safety,  Green Products  Management, Data  Journalism, Participatory Urbanism, Augmented Reality and Eco‐consciousness. These services will be supported by five technical SMEs and accordingly replicated across five smart cities and one smart region. Over 2400 citizens will be actively involved in the co‐creation, validation and evaluation of the RADICAL approach, on the basis of the Living Lab methodology, which will engage users of the entire stakeholder chain.

This project is co-funded by the European Commission under the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (C.I.P.).


Athens’ Living Lab under RADICAL: overview

The Athens living lab has evolved during Radical project lifecycle […]

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What do the new partners think about their RADICAL experience?

At the time of concluding the project, it seems interesting […]

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